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Produkte - Temperatur
Rauchgasmessgeräte Temperatur Infrarot-Temperatur Relative Feuchte Klimamessung Drehzahlmessung Stationäre Messtechnik Temperaturfühler Messdatenerfassung Lichtmessung
Handgeräte Fühler Erfassung / Logger
Escort iMini MP-ST-N-8-L
For temperature measurement of dry ice shipments we supply the iMiniPlus Dry Ice Logger with a Teflon cable to the external sensor protected by a stainless steel probe. The external probe is immersed in the dry ice next to the product for the most accurate temperature reading. The data logger should nog come into direct contact with the dry ice. The thermal shock given by direct contact followed by subsequent removal can cause the logger temperature stress and malfuction due to solder fractures, electronic component and battery failure. We recommend that the logger be protected by placing a thermal blanket over the dry ice with the logger placed on top of the blanket for protection. The Teflon cable will withstand dry ice temperatures. Your dry ice box supplier should be an appropriate source for the thermal blanket.